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Oh dear, I seem to be in everybody’s bad books today.

I’m in trouble with Working Mum because I’ve let the pool go green. The early taste of summer is predicted to stay for the weekend and WM was really looking forward to having her first swim of the season.

Princess is unhappy because I haven’t re-formatted the video camera’s hard-drive (something it needed to be able to work). Apparently, I’d been told that she absolutely had to have it fixed to use at school this afternoon and as Home IT manager, ‘technology maintenance’ is allegedly my responsibility.

Soldier Boy isn’t happy because I forgot to collect his contact lenses yesterday, which meant he had to go to school in his glasses looking like a nerd (or so he describes the minor inconvenience).

Rodent Boy is annoyed with me simply because I woke him up and made him go to school.

Even Rodent’s school told me off earlier today, this is the second time in a week they’ve needed to call me to advise he was missing his lunchbox. What’s the matter with these people? In my day if you forgot your lunchbox you just ate worms from the playing field. I got him there on time didn’t I? Okay, he was wearing yesterday’s crumpled trousers, dirty shirt and minus his tie (which I couldn’t find) but at least he wasn’t late.

So I decided I needed to do what every self-respecting househusband does in situations like this… I went shopping.

This decision however caused the one living thing that was still my friend, Muppet Dog, to immediately switch camps and hate me as well. Looking out the lounge window as I drove off, he gave me that ‘confused angry dog’ look. You know, the one that seems to say, ‘Why would he go off to the dog-park and leave me here? It doesn’t make sense. What a bastard!’.

Well all’s well that ends well, as they say. Who ‘they’ are I don’t actually know, but they’re very clever and know a lot stuff about everything. Anyway, after a small amount of retail therapy I felt much better, and I have since bought chlorine for the pool, which should now be hygienically clear by tomorrow. I re-formatted the video camera and dropped it off to Princess just in time. Rodent got his lunch. I picked up the contact lenses so Soldier Boy can be nerd-free again and then took the dog for a run in the park.

Now to enjoy the rest of my birthday!


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