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Arrggghhh! I hate school holidays! Why do they always coincide with large paid jobs coming in with impossible deadlines. Today I have a 32 page magazine to design, two over-active boys to entertain and it’s going to be 35°C/95°F. Said boys are currently arguing with each other while allegedly watching The Simpsons. It’s an episode I’ve seen myself five times, and I don’t even watch the show. They must know it word for word. No wonder they’re distracted.

Yes, Soldier Boy is safely back from Army Cadet maneuvers and after picking him up from school yesterday I began the task of assimilating him back into civilian life. I can’t begin to tell you how dirty he was, having crawled around the Australian bush in the same clothes for six days. So camouflaged was he, that just walking in through our small garden I lost him twice.

As anticipated, he was on a high to be home, extremely chatty, full of his adventures, even the odd dance step. Lovely in fact. Then just one hour and a long shower later… BANG! He turned into the grumpiest, most lethargic, rudest teenager from hell. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. I knew why of course, he was utterly ratted! Suspecting he had probably only had about 18 hours of sleep all week, I sent him off to bed. I didn’t see him again for another 18 hours.

‘Delicious coffee thanks. Must dash, see you later. Don’t work too hard today.’ said Working Mum planting a tender kiss on my cheek.

She’s right about the coffee. I do make a very good coffee. Only because I take the trouble to understand how the machine works and keep it spotless. It’s not a particularly flash machine, although it does have a full-size group head and twin thermoblock for you home baristas out there.

So here I am… loads of work to do, washing to hang out, two boys to entertain, a hot panting dog masochistically looking at me for a walk and a coffee machine to clean.

What the hell am I doing writing this?


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