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bsIt was Working Mum’s birthday yesterday. Being midweek, and due to the fact that she was also attending Rodent Boy’s parent teacher night before coming home, I decided to cook her a special meal. Coming up with something that is both sophisticated, yet palatable to the children though, is always a challenge. I consulted my guru, Taste.com.au and began to look through for inspiration. For some reason, my kids don’t like onions and mushrooms, so I insanely decided to make these my ‘theme ingredients’ – I’ve clearly been watching far too much Iron Chef! I also had some nice aged rump steak in the fridge so quickly arrived at Beef stroganoff and crispy potatoes. Yes, Working Mum would like this, it was suitably involved to demonstrate great culinary effort, a tad decadent befitting the occasion, and definitely within my skill level. It was also loaded with onions and mushrooms. Perfect!

Reading through the reviews I was further motivated by such comments; Best beef stroganoff ever; Both kids ate every bite; What a hit this was, my wife and our three year old both cleaned it up; Definitely going into the rotation. Some people did think there was perhaps a little too much onion. I however chose to follow the recipe without deviation except using rump not fillet and while yes, it did seem like there was too much onion at one stage, when it was cooked down and combined I thought it was fine.

So what did my tribe think? Well most importantly the birthday girl loved it! She even licked her plate clean like a little girl. A personal triumph for me though was seeing all three kids finishing their plates, onions, mushrooms an’ all. The crispy potatoes were also voted the best ‘chips’ ever! Compliment indeed! In summary, there are a few stages requiring a degree of effort, but it was all really worth it, so give it a go and let me know what you think.


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