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fpSunday morning was just ‘perfick’ as Pop Larkin would have described it. The weather – warm and sunny, the children – all at home for once, and the new coffee bean blend from the roaster – simply sublime. I knew it couldn’t last of course.

The phone rang…

‘Grandma’s in hospital.’ My announcement immediately bringing down our happy little poolside brunch.

‘She’s fallen in her fishpond.’

At this point, both her grandsons began sniggering like naughty schoolboys, much to the disgust of their sister.

‘Look I know it sounds funny…’ I said, trying hard not to also focus on the comedic aspect of the situation. ‘… she’s actually broken three ribs and ruptured her spleen. She’s in intensive care with blood in her urine… she’s really quite poorly.’

‘Are you going to go down to Tasmania to see her?’ asked Working Mum sensing my real concern.

My sister who found her and called the ambulance advised me there was little I could do at the moment. They have sedated her with morphine and she’s not really making much sense to anyone. So the recommendation is that I stay here in Sydney for now. I feel a bit helpless though… I can’t even call her as there are no phones in intensive care and her mobile is apparently still at the bottom of the pond. My sister is keeping me updated on her progress and whether or not the spleen will need to be removed.

‘Where exactly is Grandma’s spoon?’ queried Rodent Boy.

Princess, ignoring her younger brother’s anatomical ignorance, inquired herself. ‘What happens if they have to remove Grandma’s spleen?

‘Yes Dad, please ‘ex-spleen’!’ said Soldier Boy quick as a flash. I’m sure this boy will be cracking jokes at my funeral.

Actually, thinking about it, I really hope he does.


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