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tThey really are something else aren’t they? I just can’t believe I was this annoying when I was a teen.

Soldier Boy, who is 14, has really been pushing the envelope on the communication/entertainment front recently. Firstly, he ran up a massive bill on the home phone calling some girl’s mobile for hours at a time, usually while I was asleep. So I grounded him and declared all home phones must now be relinquished and stockpiled in my bedroom every night. Knowing I wouldn’t realistically be able to keep this up, I secretly also moved us over to a combined phone/internet plan which for $99 a month offers unlimited/untimed free calls to all mobiles and landlines Australia wide, as well as our cable broadband internet with 20 gigabytes of data download.

So what does he do next? He starts calling her from his mobile (one call was over 90 minutes) blowing his $30 cap plan to pieces. Instead of a bill for $30 for the month he got one for $197. I refuse to pay all these excesses of course, otherwise how do they learn? Besides, he’s got more disposable income than I do due to his lucrative neighbourhood junk mail delivery. Grounded again.

So I decided to reveal and carefully explain how the new ‘Fusion’ phone/internet plan works. A risk, because ‘fair-go’ policies do exist with this plan, but at least there would be no nasty cost surprises right? Of course there would be… he’s a teen. On the last day of the new plan, with 19.5 gigabytes used, he decided to download from iTunes three movies and Series 6 of the Family Guy purchased on my account. He did ask me of course, he had to, he needed the password, but indicated he just wanted to spend his iTunes gift voucher from Grandma. Yeh, okay I thought, $25, a few songs, that shouldn’t be a problem… He then proceeded to overspend his gift token by 400% which was annoying enough, but the real crime came when he downloaded the hi-definition files. That blew our 20 gigabyte limit and incurred $97.50 in excess download fees – almost doubling the monthly base rate of $99. Had he downloaded them the next day of course, then it would have cost nothing. $197.50 for four DVDs! Argghhh! Thought about grounding him yet again, but refrained from doing so as frankly, him staying in, is costing too much money.

Ah well, one day I’m sure I’ll laugh about these excesses. I’ve just about got over, and in fact beginning to now dine out a bit on the ‘Princess diaries’. I refer of course to how among other things, our sixteen-year-old Princess lost her passport in London earlier this year. After telling me it was gone said, “It’s alright dad, I hated the photo on that one anyway.”


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